And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Thursday, September 29, 2005

And the Germs Keep Spreading

Just as I'm starting to feel better from this sinus thing (after a fitful Sudafed-laced sleep last night), we have Katie with a tummyache. She even lay down on the couch before dinner -- not her typical M.O. But she was feeling better at dinner, so we let her eat pizza. And she perked up quite a bit after that, asking for spelling words and shouting out, "Challenge me!" and bouncing around . . . until bedtime, when she perked back down. And whined a little bit. And asked to be carried to bed. My mom-senses tingling, I set her up with a plastic trash can and offered to rock, scissors, paper Dave for vomit duty in the middle of the night.

My mom-senses' timing must be off a little bit, because by the time I'd gone downstairs and gotten Ian to bring him to bed, she'd made use of the trash can, with moderate success. Dave got to deal with it -- I didn't even realize what was happening until more than halfway through the cleanup -- and he did wonderfully. No impatience, no frustration, just comforting the child and getting her to bed, which she did quickly, remarking that her tummy felt a lot better. Well, no wonder! Here's hoping she'll get over it soon -- there's nothing to make a mom feel so helpless as a tummyache.

So now my "workday" Friday, in which Dave is to have responsibility for Ian while I work, will once again take place in a fully populated house. Unless I choose to abandon everybody for parts unknown (aka Barnes & Noble). So glad I relished my day alone on Wednesday, as it seems unlikely to repeat itself any time soon!