And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Thursday, September 08, 2005


* Or as close to them as I can get, being the poster child for verbosity.

How sad is it to be cranky and sleepy because you stayed up until 1:30 a.m. watching tennis?

Like mother, like daughter: Katie has gotten off the bus every day so far without her backpack (and has been sent to swim against the tide to go back and get it). Think the third time's the charm? We'll see in about an hour.

You know, as much as I like spending quality time with my son, I'm getting a little irritated by being forced to do so during the half-hour-long waits for Katie's bus. It's a tiny town that takes about 5 minutes to drive through, and we're less than a mile from the school. How can the bus be 30 minutes late every day?

Yesterday, as Ian was crunching through some "dead leaves" (mostly grass, with a few leaves), he was anticipating fall, and then anticipating snow. "And when it snows, it will cover all da weaves. And da weaves will bwow around on top of da snow. And we can pway Harry Potter!" I realized that his only frame of reference for snow, after spending a year in Alabama from the ages of 18-30 months, is the Harry Potter movie. How sad! I'm so glad we're rectifying that.

And that reminded me of our first trip to visit Katie's school in Alabama, in January. Many of the elementary classrooms had art displayed in their windows. And in one 1st grade classroom there was a plethora of construction paper snowmen. And it occurred to me that the majority of those children had probably never even seen snow, let alone made a real snowman. Ironic.

Looks like the house sale in Alabama is going to close on Monday, but we're having other setbacks to counter the good news. The $1625 that we were promised in exchange for our moving shipment being 13 days overdue is up in the air, with various factions pointing fingers at various other factions, trying to shift responsibility. I won't post the details quite yet, as I'm giving them until Monday to make progress on resolving the situation. But I vow to post the whole horror story if they don't make it right.

Looks like the little guy is up from his nap -- I should probably spend some time with him not sitting at the bus stop.