And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Ahhh. The quiet. The house to myself (except for the cats, who feel the need to be around me every single second -- do you think they have daycare for kitties?). It's been a trying week, and there are Big Issues preoccupying me. But today, it's quiet. No pressing work. Household duties somewhat under control (okay, the house is a bit of a wreck, but six loads of laundry were done and put away yesterday, and there are currently -- huzzah! -- no dishes in the sink). I could wallow in the quiet. I finished a book I bought as a treat for myself (Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight, Nobody). I napped. I took Sudafed and Advil and coffee, and they combined to eliminate the sinus headache I woke up with this morning. Life is good. I feel somewhat renewed, as I head out to pick up the kids from daycare and school. Deep breaths are the order of the afternoon.

Now if I can just maintain this inner peace through the planned library and grocery store excursions this afternoon, I will be vastly improved as far as the status of my mental health goes. Hmm. Library and grocery store may be a bit too much to ask. Perhaps I will gather up the library books and drop them off myself on the way to picking up Ian. To do otherwise might tempt the fates too much, and I rather like this current feeling. Wish me luck holding everything together!