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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Remember the Maine, the Plymouth Rock, and the Golden Rule!

(Urgent undercurrent of crowd chanting, "TROUBLE, trouble, trouble, trouble . . .)

All right, I just read a second instance this morning of someone wondering if Thanksgiving is solely an American holiday, or if others in the world share it with us. Doesn't anybody remember the whole Thanksgiving story as we learned it in pre-PC times? You know, Indians (or Native Americans -- your choice, since it's unlikely we'll be giving it back to them), Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, Mass.? Why on Earth would someone think that perhaps Thanksgiving is celebrated in England or elsewhere?

I'm all for political correctness (ask Tori, with whom I got into a discussion about it this weekend), but perhaps global education is making some minds a bit too open and inclusive. Or at least, it's not being done well enough, because there are people out there who aren't getting it.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. (There is a Canadian Thanksgiving, but that's celebrated on America's Columbus Day.) And yes, thank you Dave, Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird (first sighting of that reference was in yesterday's episode of Stanley). So have fun with it. And don't feel too bad for the British. After all, they've got Guy Fawkes Day and the Queen's birthday. It's okay for them to have separate holidays and even their own national identity. Really.

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