And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Monday, November 08, 2004

I Think [cough, cough] I Smell [gasp] Gas

I had to call in backup to pick up Katie from school today (fortunately Dave works about 5 minutes from there) because I had to stay home for the gas service and the plumbing service. Why? Because the gas smell I called about months ago (and freaked out about at the time) is not, as the plumbing service would originally have me believe, the smell of new Sheetrock, but actually the smell of a leak in the attic coming down the wall and out behind the stove. (And here I was thinking it was just my imagination in some way -- that'll teach me to ignore my instincts!)

The only way I found out about this is that I went out to get the mail today and smelled gas in the front yard (everyone has gas lampposts in our subdivision) so I called Mobile Gas, and the guy came out with a little "geiger counter" to detect gas, and I asked him to check behind the stove while he was here. And it went off like crazy! AAA!!! The gas guy said it was a little leak -- not really dangerous -- but definitely a leak. Now the plumbing guy is here and he's amazed that no one detected it before, and can't believe the gas guy left without turning off the gas at the main line. AAAA!!!

And I, big hypochondriac that I am, am wondering if this free-floating gas in our house is the reason I've been having bad dizzy spells. Oh, sure, it could be that I went off the Zoloft and my brain is adjusting to that, but that's far too simple an answer. Must . . . have . . . things . . . to . . . fret . . . about . . .

OK, oil heat sucked in NY, but at least you never had to worry about your house spontaneously combusting if something went wrong!