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Thursday, November 18, 2004

"T" Is for "Two" and "Time Out"

OK, he's not quite two (about 5 weeks to go), but we've definitely hit that "terrible" stage with Ian. Although he's said the word "no" for quite a while now, he hasn't really been in the "no" phase. Well, he is now. Everything we say to him elicits a response of a firm, unconditional "no." And I've started putting him in time out for it. "Ian, go eat in the kitchen." "No!" (accompanied by flinging bits of banana -- on purpose -- over the fabric I'm working on). Result: time out in his room. "Ian, stop coloring on the chair. Crayons are used on paper." "No!" (accompanied by renewed determined scribbling). Result: another time out. I wonder how long this is going to take.

He also enjoys telling us to "DOP!" when we're doing something he doesn't like, like sitting somewhere he wants to sit or picking up something he wants. He curls up his little fist and sticks out his pointer finger at us and hollers "DOP!" That's just really got to go.

And what's the deal with a kid who can't (won't?) say "dog" or "cat" but has no problem learning "top drawer" and "cuckoo clock"? I tell you, he's just experimenting with us to find our buttons so he can push them for the next 40 years.

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You mean I've got 9 years to go before you quit pushing my buttons?


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