And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Saturday, August 28, 2004


I was just going to post a response comment, but somehow it got as long as a blog entry. I can't imagine how that happened. It's not like I tend to go on and on and on .... anyway.

OK, first comment from Theresa -- Ross School is the private school Dave used to teach at, and the founder has a thing about Asian art and surrounding students with it (plus she had the money to do it right). There should be some pictures on the site that will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Click on the picture of "the duomo" (a round media-hooked-up room with tiled leather seating) in the "Introduction" section of the home page and you'll see some pictures of the high school. Dave has also become obsessed with products by Ikea and Hold Everything, as a result of his Ross experience.

[Digression: In front of the high school building at Ross, there is a 14-foot replica of Nike (winged goddess of victory). One of the funniest stories about Ross I ever heard (and there were quite a few) was that one of the students was giving a PowerPoint presentation of a school trip to France, and one of his pictures was of the actual Nike statue. The picture was captioned, "We have one of these."]

Second, well, marriage counseling by blog is unique, but it might be easier if we just, you know, talked to each other.

Third, there are a couple of pictures up on the wall (because Dave got tired of bare walls a couple of weeks ago), but I was mostly trying to clear off my new office furniture because Levenger claims the wood will darken over two weeks and I don't want a picture-shaped spot on it. However, a hammer has since been found, and I have not yet gotten around to hanging that picture. Instead, I've been obsessed with a strange decoupage urge (I'm attempting to cover an ugly literature sorter with pretty purple and green paper fragments). What am I, nuts? Like I need another hobby.

Fourth, well, if I *remembered* anything about how great he was in bed . . . ;) (Yeah, I think it was pretty good.)

Finally, Sister Sunshine, I'm curious about how you got to my blog. Do you mind sharing? Anyone else out there that I don't know about? Does anybody link to my blog?