And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Strong Word

A couple of weeks ago, just after we moved, Theresa, all buoyed up with new-house feelings of her own, asked me, "Don't you just love being in your new house?" At the time, surrounded by boxes and still coming off the stress of the six-day car trip with two small children, I replied, "Love is a pretty strong word."

Well, I just got back from swimming at the Y while Katie was taking lessons and Ian was in the nursery there. I took a shortcut home, rather than the main drag. I turned into our pretty, neat neighborhood, where sprinkler systems sprinkle and everyone has their trash out in single, giant trash cans (except us, who are taking up most of the block with boxes, but that's temporary, I'm sure). And I felt content. I think I can now say that I love being in our new home.

I love that it feels safe and neighborhood-y here, unlike our last house. I love that I don't mind having the kids in the backyard playing, even though we don't yet have a fence. I love that the lawn is, for the most part, complete. Although the house is still a bit of a wreck, it's not that much more of a wreck anymore than our typical, everyday wreck-ness. I love that I'm looking forward to things again.

Most of all, it's the potential of living here that I love. Sure, I'm a little lonely, as we haven't quite got a social network yet, but I'm relishing the anticipation of make friends with the parents of Katie's classmates, knowing that I'll know them for a number of years. I want to get involved with Girl Scouts. I'm thinking of joining a choir. I'm even thinking of taking classes at the local university toward a third/second master's degree. I can't wait for Ian to start in daycare/preschool to make friends. I can't wait for Katie to start her school year. Everything seems brighter and shinier. And I love it. It's not too strong a word.

P.S. Hmm, looking over this post I seem relentlessly optimistic, which is a bit of a change for me lately. Could it be that (fingers crossed against jinxing it!) Ian seems to maybe be getting the hang of sleeping through the night??? It only took 19 months!