And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Monday, May 31, 2004

Singing the Praises of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is truly a miracle product. A few months ago, when I got a free sample in the mail, I tried it out on some marks on our walls, and it worked really well. It's gotten off crayon, finger smudges, grease stains, furniture marks, eyeliner, and myriad other marks that our walls accumulate throughout the course of normal family life. But today's feat marks the acme of Magic Eraser achievement.

Ian, our little artiste, is obsessed with writing instruments. I have had to literally collect all the pens, crayons, and markers I could find and get them out of his reach, as he loves to draw with whatever he can find. Many times his art makes it to actual paper, but he can at times be indiscriminate with location. (He especially likes the sound of the crayon drawing on the Little Tikes plastic kids' table, but I often let this go.)

Of course, this can lead to problems. He's already, at 17 months, written on more books than Katie has in her whole 5 years. At one point he colored both legs with copious amounts of green marker scribbles. And he's written on the walls numerous times (he is the source for the eyeliner work referenced above). But today he found a Sharpie. A permanent marker. Writes on anything. Including your big sister's "favorite" plastic Clydesdale (I say "favorite" in quotes because today was the first I'd heard of this preference).

Yes, Ian decided the Clydesdale's right flank needed a bit of decoration. And while he was at it, he colored one of Katie's shoes (which he was wearing at the time), his right knee, his left hand, and his face. With Sharpie.

Much moaning and gnashing of teeth ensued (most of it from Katie, a bit from me). Katie tried to wash the marker off the horse with soap and water. It was her favorite horse, she wailed. I, being the resourceful mommy that I am, immediately thought of the Magic Eraser. And ta-da! The ME worked. Scrubbed that "permanent" marker right off the little plastic toy. It is truly a miracle. I even got a "thank you" from Katie (almost a miracle in itself).

I thought about trying to use it on Ian, but rubbing alcohol sufficed for him. Alas, the ME could do nothing for the suede shoe, but Katie didn't really care about that anyway. Isn't it nice to be the hero?

Now where is that lockbox for all the markers . . .?