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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Where is everybody?

OK, I know some of you are out moving and unpacking and stuff, but I miss everyone's posts. Tori, Lani, Theresa -- what's going on with you guys? And all of the blogs that I read but whose authors I don't know personally seem to have taken a hiatus also. The only one who's posted recently is my hubby, and I know how he feels about everything anyway. (Well, not really -- his blog has actually been pretty enlightening.)

So today we splurged and bought ourselves a new refrigerator. No, our house isn't finished yet, although it's getting closer (username JennDM, leave password blank). But the sale was good, so we bought it now. I can't believe we're spending almost twice as much as we need to on a refrigerator, but I have to admit that I love this refrigerator. No more stooping to see the bottom and never using the food in the back of the fridge because I can't really see what's there. It's just beautiful. I can't wait until we get it.

We also looked at washers and dryers, and I have to say, it's really hard to get excited about these. I have no idea what we really want for this. The $1,000 ones sure would be nice, but I really don't see the point. So we're looking at mid-range, and I just can't see enough of a difference among the different types. We decided not to make a decision today -- we're going to research it a bit and see what we can figure out.

Yesterday was spent packing -- Dave in the studio, and I in my office, the kids relatively on their own for most of the day -- so I dragged all and sundry to an arts and crafts fair for some enriching time together. Not Dave's favorite thing to do, but he didn't whine too much. Usually I spend most of my time at a craft fair thinking, "I could do that -- they want how much for it?" Today I actually bought something -- a dress for Katie and a matching dress for her doll -- from Babies and Bows. The dresses were just beautiful and really well-made, with very nice fabric. And the prices were reasonable too -- $28 for Katie's dress and $12 for the doll's. I think this will be her "graduation" dress.

I'd love to know the behind-the-scenes stuff of a craft fair life. I wonder how much money one can make at it, and how much effort one has to put in to make a living. I've been getting into crocheting and knitting, and recently I made a couple of bibs and booties sets for a friend who's having twins, and they only took a few hours to make them. I wonder what people would pay for them. It seems like an interesting alternative fantasy life to pursue some day.

I'll think about it while I continue packing.

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You got the fridge! You'll love it. I've already put the party tray drawer to good use (otherwise it's great for bread stuffs). I keep leftovers at eye level and we actually eat them instead of wistfully throwing them away three weeks later.

It was emotionally uplifting in a Stepford Wives sort of way to leave the old appliances behind and get all new.

I'm still here. Unpacking mostly done, planting not so much. Had 50 people over for Mary's B-Day one weekend, trooped the gang to Wichita for a family wedding the next weekend. So although I've thought of bloggy things, I haven't put them into action. Thanks for the mention. Normal life should commence again soon -- after NYC.

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