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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cheater Blog, or How to Find Me Using Google

I've been meaning to do this for a while, because I find it so amusing my own self. One of the features of SiteMeter, my site tracking software, is that you can find out what links people followed to get to your site. Since this is a personal, not-very-often-updated blog, I'm always surprised when new people find their way here. (Hi, new people!) And being inveterately curious, I wanna know how they got here.

An awful lot of people get here through searching in Google or Yahoo or some other site. Few of them are probably actually looking for me, and sometimes I see queries that I could actually help with, had I known that's what they wanted, but which aren't really addressed in the blog. I feel especially bad for the person who asked "what does j l b matekoni stand for," since I was being coy and didn't actually say what it was in the blog -- I mean, I knew the answer and could have helped that person, but alas, we were two electrons passing in the ether.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some of the search strings here. I'll eliminate the obvious and repetitive ones, like "jennifer morgan" or some variation. But maybe you, my loyal (?) readers, will find these as amusing as I do. So here goes, in no particular, though roughly chronological, order [my comments in brackets]:

what does j l b matekoni stand for
i stepped in gum [quite popular -- 7 instances]
james barbour Broadway
"permanent marker" "writes on anything"
How to pronounce Ramotswe Matekoni
roped babysitter [yikes -- I'm not sure what this person was looking for, but I'm sure he (?) didn't find it here]
j [seems like a lot of sites would fit this category]
Who met Santa in "The Little House on the Prairie"
"tearjerker songs" top 10
kids blog "over my knee"
compound miter saw "how to use a compound miter saw" [I felt badly that I hadn't included instructions for this]
freelance work
stallone.macho [Spanish Google]
LEON CZOLGOCZ [Mr. Czolgocz is surprisingly popular]
brie roofing [to top your water-table-cracker house? I had actually misspelled "Bree," the character on Desperate Housewives]
"lani diane rich" [she's popular, too]
"How to use a Compound Miter Saw" [again, I regretted not being a how-to site]
is brie on desperate housewives the mar
carseats on school buses
flaming bag of poop, arson [this, I actually wrote something about]
Lynnette Fromme case
bleah yum [from French Google]
to persuade gum OR che
what is gum made of exactly for science fair
gum statistics -brush after eating
hot booty shorts [can I set this person up with the babysitter guy?]
trefoil shaped cookie cutter
springtime phenomena 2004
"and then" japanese movie 1985
jennifer gum
how many kids died by checking gum
Why do dogs vomit and then immediately eat the vomit [that's a good question, isn't it?]
"Saturn Roadside Assistance"
My pictures of girls flashing at Mardi Gras 2005
maytag washer ruining my clothes
"To kill a mockingbird" + "being a democrat"
gum in washers
speeches on gum
tunics for 8 year olds
book "everyone has gas"
clay soil amendment
Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme
Giuseppe Zangara [boy, I'm glad I included all these names of assassins in my blog -- sorry, all you kids out there researching term papers or planning anarchic attacks, I'm of no help -- just a Sondheim fan]
tearjerker songs (UK)
"what college students eat"
m y l i t t l e p o n y f a ?%e [from Yahoo! Japan]
"Scott Bryk" [hey, if that's Scott Bryk who used to live in Bellevue, NE, when he was a kid, drop me a line. If it's the Canadian Scott Bryk, never mind -- I don't think I know you]
elmo cake decorations
leon czolgocz
target Hi-5 April 23 2005

3 comment(s):

I like the last one. :-)

By Anonymous Deb, at 1:22 AM  

Strange, I've never "blogged" but I was idly wondering who the "Canadian Scott Bryk" is myself (apparently a really coold runner who went to St Andrews to College) when I ran across the line above... Neat, because I AM the Scott Bryk who lived in Bellevue Nebraska as a kid... and annoyingly clicked my retainer next to Jennifer in English class... so then, I wonder if Jennifer Morgan is the grown up version of this girl I sat next to?? Regardless... I think I'm reading the blog correctly to say you are a writer? A mom? I hope so to both and I hope you are delightfully happy... I still live in Texas where I moved in ninth grade (1986! Egads)...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:35 AM  

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By Blogger jon, at 10:09 PM  

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