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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Time to Go Furniture Shopping?

This morning, the kids let us "sleep in" until after 6, a relatively rare thing. Well, Ian did wake up at 5, but Dave got him back to sleep. Anyway, I was awakened by Katie at my bedside, saying, "Why aren't you guys with Ian?"
"Wha...?" I coherently replied. "Ian's still sleeping. He's in his room."
"No, he's not. He's in the living room."
"Wha...?" I got up and went to the living room, with Katie. Ian was nowhere in sight, and his bedroom door was shut. "No, sweetie, he's still asleep."
"No, he's up. He's behind the couch."

And sure enough, he was. He'd climbed out of his crib, left his bedroom, closed his bedroom door, and was just sitting there in the semi-dark, playing with a coffee cup. All without making enough noise to wake us over the baby monitor -- and I'm a light sleeper.

Guess it's time to go look for that "big boy" bed, so he doesn't break his neck in the middle of the night!

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That's really funny. Apparently my younger brother used to do a similar thing. He'd swing himself out of his cot and out of his play pen and over the baby bar thing my parents had on his room door to stop him escaping and falling down the stairs(this may have been my fault because I used to tease him him from afar) so they had to get him a proper bed before he did himself damage.

By Blogger Kate, at 3:12 PM  

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