And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Remind Me Next Year . . .

. . . that gingerbread houses -- or even gingerbread trains, as the case may be -- are just not that fun to make. Really. No matter how cute the little kit is. No one wants to hold things together while they dry, and the 2-year-old doesn't understand that the decorated cookie parts in front of him aren't for eating yet. And somehow I ended up finishing this little "family project" all on my own, up to my elbows in sticky icing, while the kids watched TV. Oh well, another family tradition not to add to our repertoire.

Our weekend was spent shingling our playhouse, how was yours? I realize I should be glad that we had good enough weather to work outside, but I do not enjoy roofing. And I wasn't even up on the roof -- I was the schmuck on the ground cutting shingles to measurements shouted at me from the rooftop, where Dave was clinging for his life. He kept humming the theme to Spiderman. My hand is killing me, and I think our utility knife has had it. But the playhouse is finally waterproof -- well, except for the gaping, uncovered windows and doorframe. But the roof shouldn't leak.

And in the Too Good to Be True Department, our nanny, whom I've really enjoyed and who does wonderful things both for my son and for me (folds laundry, does dishes, doesn't judge (well, not out loud anyway)), is going to be taking a full-time position with someone else. She called to let me know before she even called the nanny service. I'm upset, but I perfectly understand -- I know we're not paying her much, and she has to fork over a portion of what we do pay her to the service. And we're not able to take her on full-time (nor do I think I would want to if we were). So we're back to square one with that situation -- daycare or find another nanny?

And part two of the TGTBTD, I think I'm going to get "fired" by one of my main clients tomorrow. Well, not fired really, but they put me on retainer back in late spring, paying me $1,000/month to reserve my services for their use. Not even exclusive use, but to have me drop everything and do their things first. And then they paid me on top of that when they did have projects for me. It's been very nice -- a gravy train, really. Because they haven't had more than one book for me in that time. A couple of months ago, I started feeling a little guilty for taking their money, but I soon talked myself out of that, because it's a business decision on their part, and they do have an out -- a 2 weeks' notice clause that I made sure was in there. They just hadn't chosen to avail themselves of it yet. Well on Friday, my contact there called to make an appointment to talk to me tomorrow, and I suspect the gravy train's pulling into the station and dropping me off. So I'll be looking for more work soon. I think, though, I'll pull a Scarlett O'Hara and think about it tomorrow -- or after Christmas. Or after New Year's. Or something.

Not now, though. I'm tired and my hand hurts, and pizza's arriving soon. I'm going to go watch AFHV with my kids.