And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Monday, July 26, 2004

So Much for Erudite!

Last night:

Dave: Are we going to watch the Democratic convention this week?
Me: Mumble, mumble.

I'm embarrassed that I still have the same reaction to political speeches that I had to them when I was 11 years old and stuck watching them with my grandfather, whose obsession with the news was completely unfathomable to me at the time. (I've since become an NPR junkie and force my preschooler to listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered, so what goes around...) Anyway, I wish I were more erudite about politics. But when the televised speeches come on, I find myself bored to tears by the ones I agree with and too irritated to listen to the ones I don't. I'll blame it on my highly skewed toward the visual learning styles -- speeches of almost any sort are hard for me to follow. Nevertheless, I feel humbled that Dave wants to be all educated about this and I couldn't care less.

Earlier this evening:

Dave: You've watched all the Two and a Half Mens, right? I can stop the recording on TiVo and switch to the convention?
Me: Yes, I have. Go ahead.

Dave goes out to buy a glider that I want, leaving the TV on the convention channel. (Are all the channels covering the convention? Probably; I didn't surf to check.) I walk past the set, noting Jimmy Carter standing and being serenaded with "Georgia on My Mind." I head to the computer to do some work.

An hour later, I walk through the living room to get a snack. What is my erudite, educated, politically interested husband doing?

Watching Flash Gordon.