And Then I Stepped in Gum . . .

Friday, June 03, 2005

Discombobulated by a "Driveby"

This morning I checked my e-mail, as usual, and in my "junk" account, I see an anonymous comment to my blog . . . from Scott Bryk, who found me via this entry and left a comment. So it's not so anonymous, but it is absolutely impossible to e-mail him back. So hey there, Scott, how's it going? Yes, I'm the grown-up version of Jennifer Dockstader, erstwhile nerdy red-haired girl who lived in Nebraska, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Virginia -- not necessarily in that order (I put this in in case someone's searching for me :). I don't remember the retainer clicking of which you speak, but I do remember other things -- like yearbook in Mr. Davies' classroom with Mr. Begay, Peter, Angela, and Nikki. It was our own little Breakfast Club. I remember being traumatized by your reaction to the Challenger disaster, and you and Peter pulling wings off of flies in English class. Gee, aren't those pleasant memories? But I also remember thinking you were a pretty cool guy, and maybe having a little crush on you back in the day. If you want to drop me a line that I can actually reply to, try widget (at)

My memory for things that happened to me before college is just horrible. I know people can remember kids they went to preschool with, but for me, I have only a smattering of elementary school memories. Junior high and high school are a little stronger, but I have a terrible memory for names and faces -- perhaps because I got to know so many people over the course of my childhood. I go over to and peruse the names there sometimes, and I think to myself, "Yes, that name sounds familiar," but then I can never put a face with it (and I'm too cheap to actually pay for it). Plus, there are few people I really want to get back in touch with. I attended the high school I graduated from in Folsom, CA, only two years, and only made a few close friends. I'd probably go attend a reunion if it were at all convenient, but I imagine there'd be a whole lot of people there that I had no memory of.

Sometimes I think it's sad that I haven't managed to maintain friendships from my childhood. And then I think I'm probably better off. Even my longest friendships from college, though I cherish them dearly, come with baggage on both sides -- we've all done and said things that the other doesn't forget, and let's face it, when you're 16, you do and say some stupid things that even you forget about later. Still, I do find myself wondering what's become of people I used to know, just because I was part of their daily circle at one time, and I wish them well and am curious to find out how they turned out.

So if you do Google me because you knew me long, long ago, leave me a note -- but give me an e-mail address too!!